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When selecting a strain, many people immediately refer to the THC% to determine the overall quality and effectiveness of the flower. What they do not realize is that there's much more that goes into the effects they feel when using different strains of cannabis than just the THC level.

The theory of the numerous compounds found in cannabis working together is called “the entourage effect”. Smoking or vaporizing cannabis in any form releases hundreds of botanical compounds, each uniquely impacts our bodies. Depending on which compounds are present, they interact differently and give the user a different effect. This is a new area of study, so it is only a theory based on a small body of research. People continue to reach for the highest THC content and many plants are being bred to contain solely THC, while the other compounds become nothing but an afterthought. As more research and studies are conducted it is hypothesized that these other compounds and terpenes may have a bigger impact on the effects you feel from cannabis than previously thought.


Go beyond the THC and learn more about the terpenes and what is uniquely affecting you in each strain when you use it by clicking the "Go Beyond" button below!

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