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Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup, a safe and easy way to get your medicine, is now available to all patients who place an online pickup order. Follow these easy steps and get your order delivered right to your car!


1. Place your online order.

2. Call us at (978)-224-1577 and schedule your curbside pickup time.

3. Arrive at the dispensary at your scheduled pickup time and park in the designated curbside pickup parking spot.

4. Your order will be brought to your car. Pay for your order using our cashless ATM (debit card required).

5. Drive home and enjoy your beWell product!

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inside view.jpg

Patients must adhere to the following regulations in order to utilize curbside pickup if you are in violation of any of these regulations you will be asked to leave and will need to place your entire order again.


1. The Patient or Caregiver must provide their valid Mass CCC card along with a government-issued ID at the time of pick-up. All other individuals in the vehicle must be 21 years of age or older and require a valid government-issued ID.


2. The patient needs to park in the designated curbside pick-up parking space. The car must pull in straight and not back into the spot.


3. All transactions are to be cashless ATM only. The total will be rounded up to the closest $5 and change will be issued.

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