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Why Become a Medical Patient?

Being a Medical Marijuana patient in Massachusetts has benefits that are not available to Adult-Use customers:

Cost Savings

There are no taxes on a Medical Marijuana purchase. This prevents you from having to pay the 20% total tax Adult-Use customers do!

Shorter Lines

Even in dual Adult Use / Medical Dispensaries there are shorter lines for Medical patients due to patient-dedicated checkouts.


More Available Selection

The state requires Medical Cultivators to hold 35% inventory for medical use.


Higher Doses

Medical patients will have access to more options for higher dosed products vs. adult-use menus.



Medical Dispensaries will offer a discount to patients for the cost of your card, usually $200, so the cost of obtaining the card is paid back to the patients. Click here to see our full list of discounts.


Medical Dispensaries have patient-dedicated consultation rooms so patients can speak about their conditions freely.


Medical Information

All Medical patient information and files are protected under HIPPA.

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